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Babul Caterer, a Upanayana Ceremony Catering Service in Kolkata

An upanayana is an important event for any child born in Indian culture. The ceremony is usually performed when the child is between the ages of five and twenty-four and is used to refer to entering the child’s life as a student. It is usually practiced in the upper classes of the Indian caste system.

Are you thinking of organizing your child’s upanayana ceremony? So, food and catering are important decisions that you have to make. After all, there must be delicious and yummy food to serve to everyone present at any celebration or occasion. If you are looking for Upanayana Caterers in Kolkata, we are Babul Caterer here to serve you.

In addition to the traditional set menu provided from generation to generation for the traditional Upanishad ceremony, we also add some spices and ice, allowing you to choose one of a wide range of delicious and savory food items, including the main course, and dessert. , Appetite, soup, snacks, and party food. Our expertise and creativity in food preparation and presentation are sure to impress and delight your guests.

Why Choose Babul Caterer, as your Upanayan Catering Service Provider

Food is an important part of any celebration and occasion. Therefore, you need to be extra careful and cautious when choosing a catering service in Kolkata for the occasion. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for the catering services for all your Upanayan events in Kolkata:

Renowned Catering Service in Kolkata

We are a well-known catering service in Kolkata which has been in business for many years Our experience, expertise and customer-oriented approach have made us the number one choice of a catering service for all events and occasions across Kolkata.

Safe and Healthy Food Preparation

In these unprecedented times, safety and hygiene have remained a top priority in food preparation and serving. We employ a variety of safe and healthy methods in all our activities, including food delivery, food preparation, food serving, and distribution. All of our staff strictly adheres to all health and safety protocols. Trust us with all your catering requirements and we will deliver what you need and much more in a safe and healthy way.

High Quality and Fresh Sourced Materials

We offer our customers the most delicious food platters that satisfy their taste buds. To maintain the quality of our food, we focus on sourcing premium quality freshly baked ingredients that are prepared for a great recipe that has a touch of spice and excitement.

Customized Menu

In addition to the traditional menus served at the Upanayana, we give you the option to customize your menu depending on your preferences. You can choose between Chinese, Continental, Mediterranean, Bengali or Italian menus. Our team of expert chefs is seamlessly skilled and experienced in preparing food items from various international and local cuisines. If you are planning a theme party, you can trust us to customize the menu according to the theme.

Best Quality Service at an Affordable Price

We believe in providing great value for money to our customers. This is why we are dedicated to providing the best quality Catering Services in Kolkata at affordable prices for all your Upanayana Ceremony. We offer the premium quality catering within your budget.

Upanayana ceremony is a great way to embrace and celebrate the joy of unity and warmth. And of course, nothing brings people together like food. As such, we offer the best catering services in all of Kolkata for your Upanayana ceremony.

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