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BABUL, a Birthday Catering Services In Kolkata

Birthday parties turn on the festival mood for a family. People of every age group enjoy birthday parties, and with good food, a party becomes more memorable.

Are you thinking about celebrating your child, partners, or parent’s birthday? Birthday catering is a matter of concern as your guests and, most of all, the birthday person should be happy about the food. If you are willing to book Babul Caterer as a birthday catering service in Kolkata for finger-looking food items, we are here right at your service to provide you with that.

We understand the preferences of our clients and offer packaged and customized food menus to them. If you are planning your child’s birthday, making a toddler and his/her friends happy is indeed a big challenge, and we have always succeeded in that. Our creativity in food making and presentation will win their hearts.

Why Choose BABUL, as your Birthday Catering Service Provider

Food is the most important part of every occasion, and that’s why you have to choose the catering service wisely. There are several reasons to choose Babul Caterer, as one of the best Birthday Caterers in Kolkata. Some of them are mentioned here for you.

We maintain hygiene

While making your food or serving them, we give special attention to hygiene maintenance. Nowadays, it is a big matter of concern. It’s our responsibility to maintain every Covid 19 Catering protocol. All our team members use proper sanitization while preparing the food so that you don’t have to worry about hygiene at all.

High-quality ingredients

We take special care of quality and always use high quality and fresh ingredients to prepare the food. Serving good quality food is our specialty, and we never compromise that at any cost. We have the best suppliers who provide us with fresh ingredients so that we can offer finger-licking and healthy food to your guests.

Finger licking food

Making tasty food is an art, and our chefs are Picasso of that art. We will serve your guests the food that they will remember for quite a long time. No matter what your requirements are, being one of the best birthday caterers in Kolkata, we make sure to fulfill all your expectations and satisfy the taste buds of your family members and your guests.

Customized menu

No matter whether you want a Chinese menu, continental menu, or Bengali menu, we are here to satisfy you with our food items. Our team can make food items of different cuisines seamlessly. We also offer a package menu to our clients. If you are planning a theme party, you can customize a menu according to the theme as well.

Stall option

Being one of the best birthday catering services in Kolkata, we also provide different types of stalls as per our customers’ requirements. Whether you want a panipuri stall, chocolate stall, Chinese stall, ice cream stall, or mocktail stall, our team is here to provide you with the best.

No last-minute mess up

We have years of experience in this field, and every time we got the chance, we succeeded to satisfy our clients with our food and service. In our glorious journey, we have never come across any last moment mishaps. Our chefs are highly experienced, and they know how to make your guests happy.

We are your advisors as well 

We are not only your birthday caterers in Kolkata, but we are also your catering advisors as well. We understand your requirements and provide you with the best menu ideas so that you can serve your guests within your budget. We share a great bond with our clients to understand their expectations well.

We understand your budget and help you customize the best menu within that budget. Your preferences are our top priority. No matter how many guests you invite, their satisfaction is our duty.

Customized cake

Not every catering service provider offers customized birthday cakes for the day. We understand how much finding a good cake maker can be difficult, and that’s why we also offer cakes for birthday parties so that you don’t have to lurk here and there. With soft, creamy, and customized cake, you can now make the birthday person even happier. An amazing customized birthday cake can enhance the glamour of the party, and that’s why we are here at your service.

Reasonable birthday caterers in Kolkata

We are here to provide you and your guests with finger-licking and healthy food items, not to rob you. That’s why we offer our best-in-class catering service at a reasonable price that can easily fit in your budget.


We serve the food with warmth. Watching your guests eat with pleasure and satisfaction makes us happy. Our honesty, dedication, and perfection pushed us so far that today we have become one of the most recognizable names in the catering market in Kolkata.

We understand how difficult it is to organize a birthday party and take care of the catering. With us, you don’t have to take any headaches about the food as it is completely our responsibility.

Make the special day even more special with our high-quality and warm birthday catering services in Kolkata. Contact us for father details and booking.

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