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A TRUSTED NAME IN QUALITY FOOD & SERVICES At the beginning, we introduce ourselves as Babul Caterer a renowned caterer in the field of hospitality services more than quarter century.


Provide Authentic Bengali Dishes

We offer some of the best deals you can ever get for your Bengali wedding catering service.

Babul Caterer, known as one of the popular catering services in Kolkata, West Bengal, provides authentic Bengali dishes to all types of wedding events. Be it a large wedding that includes 500+ members or a small family event.


Experience Us

You are arranging a family meeting, an Indian wedding, a family celebration, a business picnic, entertainment, or a sports event? Whatever the opportunity, you need an excellent outdoor catering service, from tents and equipment to the backgrounds, floral displays, and food. And Babul Caterer provides you with the best.

Babul Caterer, as outdoor catering, can easily make any outdoor event what you imagine it to be. We make sure that all guests are impressed with the arrangements, from tiny family festivities to large-scale corporate promotional events.


A reliable and good caterer in Kolkata

Always make sure that you get the best service

If you are looking for a reliable and good caterer in Kolkata, then Babul Caterer is the one to choose. Here we will be answering all the questions you have in your mind.

Come & Experiences our best of world class cuisine