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Bengali Wedding Caterer In Kolkata

Food is an essential part of any Bengali’s life. And we all know that West Bengal is known for its rich culture, including its traditions and lip-smacking cuisines. It’s quite impossible that anyone would not like food like Kathi Rolls, Daab Chingri, Bhetki Macher Paturi, Kosha Mangsho, Shorshe Ilish, etc. This list is an everlasting queue of mouth-watering dishes. And when it comes to Bengali weddings, Babul Caterer, a Bengali Catering Service in Kolkata that provides all types of Bengali dishes and justifies the culture’s some of the greatest cuisines is very much important. Weddings are a sacred occasion in anyone’s life, and therefore, it’s important who is serving your respected guests the best food they deserve.

Babul Caterer, known as one of the popular catering services in Kolkata, West Bengal, provides authentic Bengali dishes to all types of wedding events. Be it a large wedding that includes 500+ members or a small family event; we provide our premium catering services to all. On top of serving only quality dishes, we make sure that we do it in the cheapest possible way. Therefore, we offer some of the best deals you can ever get for your wedding’s catering service.

We offer a wide range of food items to Customize the Menu

Babul Caterer offers affordable menus within your budget

We provide various exclusive Packages for any occasion

As one of the Best Bengali Caterers in Kolkata, Babul Caterer will make sure that the event goes exactly as planned and keep you and your guests happy at all times.

What Is Our Style Of Bengali Cooking

It’s quite a known fact that Bengalis love fish and non-veg items. Fish is one of the most important ingredients in any of the Bengali wedding events catering list you will ever see. Therefore, our cooks who have been cooking authentic Bengali dishes for many years serve some of the best rui, vetki, Katla, hilsa, and what not to you. Our services do consider special requests from customers and we are free to modify or replicate any of the dishes you like.

Our menu for mutton and chicken is loaded with lip-smacking biryanis and curries. Dishes like Mutton curry, Chicken Malai, Chicken curry, Kosha Mangsho, Cutlets, Mutton Kabiraji, etc., are just a plate away from your guests! And the best part about our service is that we offer all of our services at the least possible prices. We honor every customer and offer some of the most flexible catering plans you will ever see. For more information, do connect with our specialists who have been serving hundreds of couples in their lifetime. For best suggestions and services, always choose Babul Caterer, as a Bengali Marriage Caterers in Kolkata.

Our services

Currently, our services cover the whole capital of West Bengal that is Kolkata. We assure to offer quality services at the best possible prices. Some of the things that you can expect as a customer of our catering services are:

  • Welcome drinks for your guests
  • Starters to begin with – We have a range of Veg and Non-veg starters which can be added and deleted from your menu according to your budget).
  • Main Course – We offer a full-fledged Veg and Non-Veg main course for all types of events.
  • Deserts to end with – Bengali’s love for sweets is never-ending and therefore, we have our authentic Bengali sweets, which can be served as desserts to your guests.

Quality over quantity

Over the years, we have developed our nature to serve the best quality services to our customers. We believe that however small a contribution we do, it must be impactful. Therefore, our services never lack the 5-star performance that everyone already expects from us. And for any of our future customers, we want to assure you that we will make your special day even better with our best-in-class catering services.


Efforts never go in vain. And that’s why we have a healthy track record till now. We have a 100% satisfaction rate from all of our previous customers. Word of mouth is much powerful than any marketing tool in the world. Therefore, we make sure our services are always on top of the level you all expect from us.

We have been in this business for the last 25 years. Till now, we have served hundreds of customers and have successfully made thousands of people smile. We aspire to take this journey to a whole different level and serve you with even better service and reach that pinnacle of success we deserve. With us, you will be guaranteed the best possible authentic Bengali food at the best possible price. In case of any query, do contact our support team so that we can clarify any of your doubts regarding our premium Bengali catering service in Kolkata.

We introduce ourselves as Babul Caterer a renowned caterer in the field of hospitality services more than quarter-century.

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