Covid 19 Safety Catering Services

Be it a lavish wedding ceremony or a simple and homely birthday party- catering service comes first or second in the to-do list before or after venue selection. Even though Covid-19 protocols have put a ceiling on how many people you can invite to a social ceremony, the need for good catering services in Kolkata has not faltered. In addition to the service and food quality, customers now look for other things like whether the service provider follows sanitization rules or not.


Covid time practices that Babul Caterer follows

The covid waves and the changing strains have redefined the operations in the catering industry. Let’s find out what are the clients looking for. What are their changing demands? As one of the top caterers in Kolkata, Babul Caterer is walking the extra mile to make their special days more special with Covid-specific services.

We offer a wide range of food items to Customize the Menu

Babul Caterer offers affordable menus within your budget

We provide various exclusive Packages for any occasion

As one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata, Babul Caterer will make sure that the event goes exactly as planned and keep you and your guests happy at all times.

As one of the best catering service providers in Kolkata, Babul always takes the following under consideration:

  • First and foremost, our all staff members have negative RT-PCR reports with them while coming to the venue. This gives a sense of safety to the clients.


  • They are double-vaccinated and administered with a booster dose as and when it is due. Even with a full vaccination record, they always wear disposable masks, gloves, aprons, and hair caps all the time while at the venue.


  • Not only the service personnel, but even the cooks also keep sanitizing their hands constantly.


  • Each of the staff member’s body temperature is checked before they enter the venue. We ensure that they do not have higher temperatures than normal.


  • We make arrangements for a sanitizer station at the venue, including disposable rubber gloves for all the guests if they wish.


  • As is the trend, there will be buffet food stations surely. But then again, you should make the setup so that physical distance is maintained.


  • For buffet services, even if the guests insist, the staff present at the food station urge guests to maintain proper social distancing and hand them the food themselves.


  • Multiple handwashing stations should also be built for both the guests and the workers to ensure maximum sanitation.


  • We always monitor closely that every piece of utensils and crockery is thoroughly sanitized before and after use.


  • For sitting services, we concentrate on table arrangements. We always make sure the tables are placed in a way that exercises proper social distancing protocols.


  • The tables and chairs are thoroughly sanitized before and after every use.


  • Finally, the contact between the staff members and the guests is kept to a minimum, and high touch points are kept to a minimum during the event.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way catering businesses could operate before. In order to survive and thrive during these trying times, all of the businesses must change their way of operating and opt for necessary safety precautions against Covid-19. Not changing the terms of services during these times could result in a business suicide. We, Babul Caterer, as one of the best caterers in Kolkata have already updated our service norms in accordance with the covid-19 safety protocols. And as the wedding season kicks in, we are getting ready to serve.

We introduce ourselves as Babul Caterer a renowned caterer in the field of hospitality services more than quarter-century.

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